Cedar Rapids

What’s going on:


COVID-19 Protocols

• Curbside/dockside pickup
• Limited customer access
• Limited Vendor/Rep visits
• Counter days are still on hold
• Continued social distancing
• Continued cleaning vigilance
• All Plumb Supply employees are required to wear a face covering anytime they are moving thru the branch or cannot maintain a 6’distance.


Contact Us:

Phone: 319-366-7891

Fax: 319-366-8758
4700 J Street SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


Counter Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7am - 4:30pm
Sat-Sun: Closed





Welcome to   Cedar Rapids


Branch Manager - Greg Wolfe


  • Meet Our Staff:

    Adam Chittenden





    HVAC Manager
  • Meet Our Staff:

    Amy Schoonover





    Inside Sales
  • Meet Our Staff:

    Ryan Wodstrchill





    Inside Sales
  • Meet Our Staff:

    Benji Michalec





    Inside Sales
  • Meet Our Staff:

    Dan Houser





    Territory Manager
  • Meet Our Staff:

    Dustin Utley





    Territory Manager

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Emergency Contacts:

Dave Hof  319.310.4254
Tim Troyna 319.533.1472
Jeremy Stolte  319.350.1846
Kevin Miller  563.212.1003
Greg Wolfe 319.533.0638
Benji Michalec  319.389.8207
Dan Houser  319.631.1111
Dustin Utley  319.350.7807