Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable Refrigerant Flow: The convergence of efficiency, comfort and control.

Among the newest energy-efficiency trends is Variable Refrigerant Flow or VRF. Plumb Supply Company offers equipment from the leading VRF manufacture, Fujitsu. Unlike conventional air conditioning, which cools air at a central point and then blows it through ducts to cool the entire structure, VRF systems move refrigerant to discrete units throughout a structure, heating and cooling as needed. The result is unprecedented comfort control of smaller spaces within a large structure.

By heating or cooling only the spaces that are occupied, VRF can also offer exceptional efficiency as well. VRF can be a good choice for multiple-occupant structures because it gives each tenant temperature control over his or her space.

VRF is often used as a supplemental system for structures using hot water or steam as their primary heat source. Large structures such as arenas, warehouses, or offices benefit from the ability to condition only the space needed. For example;  the buildings with central heating and cooling systems can keep the bulk of an un-occupied structure at one temperature while the VRF systems supplement heating and cooling to make the occupied areas comfortable. VRF is also ideal for bringing air conditioning to retrofitting older buildings with little or no duct work.

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