10 Reasons to Choose Plumb

Ten reasons to do business with Plumb Supply Company.

  1. Customer-Focused Service — Serving customers is our highest priority as a business. Our customer focus comes from knowing the true value of every customer. That knowledge also motivates us to be extremely easy to work with.
  2. Inventory — Everything from duct work and tools to space-aged, energy-saving products. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it and deliver it quickly.
  3. Product Experts — Many of our employees have been working in the same specialty for decades. They offer both experience for helping customers overcome challenges and the industry connections to stay current on the latest trends, techniques and products.
  4. Career Employees  — We exceed industry averages with current employees totaling over 2,768 years work experience at Plumb Supply. That works out to a company average of 10.1 years per person. Employee turnover is extremely low, it’s not just a job at Plumb Supply, it’s our way of life.
  5. Free Delivery — We don’t play the game of combining cheap prices with high delivery charges.
  6. Locations — With 32 locations around Iowa and Missouri, we offer unrivaled convenience. And when you do business with one location, you have access to the inventory and expertise at all 32.
  7. Family Owned — Family ownership means that failure to satisfy customers has a direct, negative impact on our Plumb family. That’s motivation. 
  8. Stable and Strong since 1946 —You don’t survive (let alone grow) for decades as a business without a foundation of integrity and ethical business practices. We stand behind everything we do, say and sell. Period.
  9. Online Ordering —Plumb Supply Company will do business however you want to do business, including the use of fully integrated, high-tech business systems and online ordering.
  10. Incentives and Loyalty Rewards — We show our appreciation for customer loyalty with various incentives and discounts. Contact us to learn more.