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Brand names might sell product, but our associates sell relationships…

The fields of plumbing and HVAC are evolving more rapidly today than ever before–with new products, new materials and super-efficient equipment hitting the market virtually every day. Plumb Supply Company employees focus on staying up with the latest trends, techniques, products and services. Just as your hospital has a specialist for your specific health needs, we have specialists for  your plumbing and heating needs. Need an expert opinion? Tap into our network of specialists below.



Bart McCaffery – Des Moines

Travis Vasey – Des Moines

Gary Porter – Red Oak

Dave Hof – Iowa City

Richard Vraspier – North Cedar Rapids

Ryan Summers- Spirit Lake



Chris Goulding – Des Moines

Brian Lukes – Mason City

Doug Bellingtier – Fort Dodge

Richard Vraspier – North Cedar Rapids

(PVF Specialists)

Nic Rodriguez – Des Moines

Robert Meyers – Davenport